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About Silva Service Catering

Where did Silva Service Catering come from

Silva Service Catering had humble beginnings back at the turn of the millennium. Like most businesses we started out small, as a family business. We had a lot of help from family and friends to get the catering business off the ground, and before we knew it our popularity grew.  We must have done something right because the catering got busier and busier with word of mouth referrals.  Customers were happy, and the business grew.  We learned right from the start that it’s all about the customer.  They’re the ones who need to be impressed, and in turn they’ll spread the word.

It wasn’t long before we had to move into a bigger premises.  One that we thought we’d never outgrow, but we did.  Only a few years later we’d taken on an empty warehouse and converted it into a specially built commercial kitchen with room to grow.

We’re still there, and haven’t quite outgrown our new operation center.  We have made many changes over the years as our systems, and procedures develop.  So to does our menu and services.

Where is Silva Service Catering going

Silva Service Catering is taking care of its customers.  There’s a need for a genuinely good catering service to provide fantastic food as service. We’re here now to help you cater your perfect wedding day.  We’re here now to help you cater that special corporate event.  If you need something special that will impress, then contact Silva Service Catering to help you.

Where does Silva Service Catering go

Silva Service Catering is fully mobile and we can cater at the venue of your choice in the Melbourne area.  We can even travel to regional areas beyond the suburban districts of Melbourne.  We cater at your own corporate office, or one of the many great public or private venues that you hire.  Melbourne, as too country Victoria, has some of the best venues on offer and chances are we can cater there.


Silva Service Catering About Us

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